Hoaxes of Hair - Strokin'

100 Strokes a Day

Brushing your hair 100 strokes per day will help it grow longer and keep it shiner. Now I’m no Marcia Brady but she swore by it! Real talk though; brushing your hair this much causes unnecessary stress on your strands which ultimately causes…BREAKAGE.

Boar bristle brush

Now depending on the style of brush you are using it will have certain benefits. Boar bristle brushes have been used since the 1800s for shine and scalp stimulation. With this stimulation you are increasing your blood flow which ultimately helps your hair grow. Pretty sure this is where this hoax originated from. These brushes are great for delicate strands and are amazing at distributing your hairs natural oils all the way to your ends, these bristles are uniquely designed to help carry your natural oils down the hair strand. One thing to know is that these brushes should only be used on dry hair and should be cleaned regularly.

If you are looking for another brush option, one that works on wet or dry hair, and is the least damaging brush on the market… Drum roll please…let me tell you about the WET Brush!!

So first of all I have a baby head and brushing my hair is a painful ordeal! (As it is with most little girls too) This brush is absolutely phenomenal. The brush is designed with flex bristles that will cut through knots with ease wet or dry preventing pain and damage! This brush is the exception to the rule of only using a wide tooth comb on wet hair. The bristles prevent pulling and tugging on all hair types.. I love it!!

These are the only two brushes I use now...(Besides my round brush for blow drying but that’s different)

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