Hoaxes of Hair!!

In today’s day so much information is at our fingertips; When in doubt, “Google it!!” There is a lot to be said for the simplicity of being able to put your question in the task bar and hit search. I have personally learned you cannot trust everything you read on the internet. All too much there is the information that comes across our screen that puts up false hope or unrealistic results of how hair should look, perform, and act. This month I thought we could jump into some of the top hair hoaxes out there.

Cutting your ends makes your hair grow faster

There are two extremes out there, people that only cut their hair once a year while growing it out and the others that will religiously cut their hair every 4 weeks. I hate to say that the ends of your hair are dead so … cutting your hair does NOT makes it grows faster. Trimming your hair has nothing to do with how fast it grows, but the condition once it’s long. The truth is that keeping your hair regularly trimmed maintains your ends and keeps your hair healthy. Once your hair grows to the desired length your ends will be in a prime condition. It is also important to keep the condition of your scalp in the best shape while trying to grow your hair. Working with the proper products can help aid in that growth.

What products you ask??? I am super obsessed with Redken’s Extreme Lengths Line right now. This line is designed to keep not only your ends in a reparative state but also your scalp. The Extreme line now has smart technology with RCT Protein Complex, which means that it is designed to give the root, core, and tip exactly the protection and nourishment it needs. The line is also enhanced with biotin that builds strength from the root to tip and Ceramide which is a waxy lipid that is designed to strengthen the hair fibers to prevent breakage. With using the 4 components of Redken’s Extreme Line: Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner and Extreme Length Primer & Sealer you can achieve your max hair growth-> Up to 1/2 inch a month or 6 inches in 1 year!!

Wow!! I know that could almost double your monthly growth!

Ok girls and guys thanks for reading today. Every Friday this month I will post a new Hoax!!! So keep come back soon!!


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