Who's Stephanie

I want to start by saying thanks to everyone joining me on this new journey of my career. I am so fortunate to be a part of the beauty industry right now it truly is so inspiring and really makes me feel extra special that I get to do what I love EVERYDAY!

So I think its a good time to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie and I do hair. I know I say I do hair seems simple, really basic, maybe boring to some, but it is anything but!! I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2006. Yes 2006 when low rise jeans, chunky highlights, and fake tans were the norm. I rocked all three- and man did I look good! I think duck lips and selfies just really started to become popular too.

Fast forwarding a couple years of assisting and trying to find a good salon fit, I settled down a local barbershop. I FINALLY found my spot. Wow I had a great 10 years with some really kick ass people. I was able to get involved on the ground level with these guys . I jumped on their education team, I was opening new locations for them, even lucky enough to put on a few huge runway shows for them. The last few years moved me to Michigan to open up shops here. I really had my dream job. As the time was flying by I really started to miss being able to get involved with my clients behind the chair, educating other stylist, inspiring the wonderful people in our industry.

Now being a wife and now mom of two wonderful, handsome, fun loving boys. That are 3, almost a year - Boy do the four of us have fun. Most of my days are occupied entertaining them now and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am so lucky to have the freedom and flexibility to make my family my top priority. But still with this I am happy to be back at the salon a few days a week to start building my dream clientele back up!

During wedding season I am filling my weekends with helping wedding parties get ready for their special day. I have been a traveling wedding stylist throughout my entire hair career. There is something truly wonderful about helping a bride and groom look their best on the first day of the rest of their lives!

I am working daily on my business and skills to be able to offer the newest techniques and trends while running my business with positive vibes. I find it so important to build relationships with every guest and its my goal to show every client how much I value the trust they put in me. I really hope if I don't already know you that you get to sit in my chair one day!

This wraps up who I am! LOL now on to the good stuff! I hope to be able to help with tricks of the trade, some how to's, a little bit of whys behind things , and stuff in between. Stay Tuned and again if anyone is dying to know more about anything hair, makeup, or shaves let me know!

If you are not already please follow me on my social media pages: Facebook.com/stephanieparlour7 or www.instagram.com/stephanieparlour7

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