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New Hair Install


1 Row & 1-4 Wefts

Thickness & Length

2 rows & 4 -8 Wefts

Adding 1-2 inches


3 Rows & 6-12 Wefts


Adding 2-6 inches

4 Rows & 8-14 Wefts


Adding 6 inches

*The cost of hair will vary by color & length at around $70-$140 per weft


Move ups

1 Row


2 Row


3+ Rows

$275 and up

**Initial Install Includes

Cut and Style of extensions


**For Move ups please come with clean dry hair, I will fully remove your hair extensions and reinstall them.

You can add on a wash and blow out or a curl to finish the style or add extra pampering. 



Your hair will be the main investment, and last 6-12 months of wear, if properly taken care of. 


•Removal and Move up will be required every  6-8 weeks
•Use of Recommended product 
and Hair Care Routine 
•Following Proper brushing, styling, and sleeping recommendations for hair extensions.


•All Hair once installed is NON-Refundable and NON-Returnable. You have 7 days to notify and return to the salon, if something is not feeling right.

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